Sunshine Choir 陽光合唱團
Highly acclaimed in Southern California
Formed by Members of the Fullerton Chinese Cultural Association
Performing Since 1994
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Annoucements 訊息報導
Upcoming Performance 公演日期
陽光合唱團即將於五月十五日舉辦2015年的音樂會, 不同的演出, 再次登場!
我們竭誠地邀請團員, 家長, 同學, 及親友來與我們同樂。
The Sunshine Choir is pleased to announce the next upcoming performance schedule for May 23.
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Performance Photos 公演相片
Click Here for photos of our performance during the 2014 Feb 22 FCCA 25th Anniversary Banquet.

Overview 合唱團簡介

Organized initially as an member activity group within the Fullerton Chinse Cultural Association in 1994, the Fullerton Sunshine Choir, 富樂頓陽光合唱團, grown continuously into the highly acclaimed choir group of today.

Through its 20 years of continuing operation, the Sunshine Choir has participated in a great number of events, throughout Southern California, as well as performing within the Fullerton Chinese Cultural Association.

The Sunshine Choir continues to strive for its excellence by inviting the best choir directors, top piano accompanimentist, and, most importantly, highly enthusiast members. Together, the Sunshine Choir helps promote Chinese culture in Southern California, and at the same time, brings together people with common interests.

How to Join the Choir參加團隊

All parents and friends. You are invited to join the Fullerton Sunshine Choir

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